Find your brand sound

with branded podcasts

 Getting the tone and sound right can be hard.

Auddy is here to help guide you through…

Working with Auddy

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PlanThe first thing we do is to understand why you’re making a podcast in the first place, where audio fits in your content strategy, and what attributes the audio needs for it to align with your brand.Find out more
CreateOnce we’ve defined an audio strategy, we work on a treatment for a show. This typically involves developing an outline for a show, its format and who, if anyone, might present it.Find out more
ProduceAfter we’ve signed off the treatment, we start researching and working out the detail of each episode. We plan and script every episode in advance of any recording.Find out more
DeliverWhen the final shows are delivered we distribute them across every podcast platform. We can help with the marketing of the show, including the creation of a bespoke visual identity...Find out more
ReviewIt often takes more than one season to build your audience, so be patient…..but also make sure that you have clear KPIs and measurement in place to understand the success.Find out more

Find your brand sound

Branded podcasts help you to connect with your audience through highly engaging content.

But getting the tone and sound right can be hard.

Auddy is here to help guide you through…

Big Ideas and strategy
Planning and Producing
Delivery and understanding

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