Moving your podcast

is easy

Moving to Auddy

is easy

Across all platforms from Apple to Spotify and everything in-between
Cross promos across our network
Through advertising and sponsorships
Dedicated team to support you on your journey

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The ultimate guide to marketing your podcast

The ultimate guide to marketing your podcast

Creator FAQs

How do I join Auddy.

If your podcast is releasing regularly and  does over 1000 downloads a month , then you might be just the right fit to join the Auddy network. Drop us an email to and someone will be in touch.

How do I redirect my podcast? 

Once you are set up on our hosting platform Megaphone just follow this easy guide to redirect your podcast.

How do I turn on ads?

Once your podcast is redirected and moved across we will turn on our programmatic ads, you will hear these wherever you have set your ad markers. Check this article to make sure you have set up your ads markers okay. We suggest you have a minimum of two pre-roll and one mid roll marker to make the most of our ad network.

How can I promote my podcast? 

Check out all these super useful articles in the Auddy blog archives, but also don’t hesitate to let us know if something exciting is happening, maybe a big guest or new season starting and we can endeavour to give your podcast a bit of love on our socials.

We also never like to let a promo slot go to waste so we regularly reach out to offer a chance for you to promote your podcast on other podcasts on a network.

All we ask is that you record us a 30 second trailer bigging up your podcast and all the reasons we should listen to it.

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