How businesses and brands can benefit from the rise in podcast audiences 

Why businesses should be tapping further into the podcasting space

41% of UK adults listen to a podcast every month. In the past 5 years, podcast revenue has grown 10x to hit $1bn institutional ad spend.

This means big opportunity for businesses.

But how should your business get involved? Advertising in podcasts? Producing your own branded content? Creating an internal podcast? There’s a lot to consider. 

Auddy’s e-guide will break down the key ways that audio can provide solutions for businesses. We will be sharing the latest, most relevant information regarding the podcast sphere so that you can build the best audio strategy possible.

Already have a podcast?

Just because you already have a podcast out there, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to grow your audience and your revenue. If you partner with us, we can…

…monetise your show

…promote your show to audiences domestically and internationally

…partner with you on creating extensions of your show

…develop a marketing strategy and implement it for you

…manage all of the hosting and distribution

…connect you with best-in-class partners and clients

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