5 Relaxing Podcasts for Stress Awareness Month

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The world is dealing with a modern stress epidemic. Work-related stress appears to be on the rise, and many have been affected mentally, financially and emotionally by the Covid-19 pandemic. And with this in mind, Stress Awareness Month seems mightily important.  

There are many different ways to address stress, and a podcast certainly isn’t a cure-all. However, it can be a great addition to your routine.

Below are 5 great shows that cater to different elements of stress, and can hopefully help you unwind or understand how to feel a little better.


Ten Percent Happier 

ten percent happier podcast

After having a panic attack on live television, journalist Dan Harris decided to try meditating. Since then, he has created the Ten Percent Happier podcast, in which he talks to scientists,  meditation teachers, celebrities and experts to find out about the nervous system, discover science-based techniques for issues like anxiety, and to discuss feelings like shame.


Headspace Sleepcasts

sleepcasts by headspace 

Sometimes after a stressful day, we get into bed and our minds can keep spinning, making it difficult to sleep. Headspace designed sleepcasts to help people unwind and drift off. The sleepcasts take listeners on a guided tour of different landscapes and are remixed every night so you can’t memorise the story. John Legend has voiced some of these sleepcasts, so now you can fall asleep to the dulcet tones of this singer.  


Goodnight, World!

goodnight world! podcast by headspace with sesame street

Headspace have teamed up with Sesame Street to provide a bedtime podcast for kids (and us big kids). Big Bird dreams about a magical art museum, and a furry monster soars through the night sky.


Slow Radio on BBC Radio 3

slow radio on bbc radio 3

One episode takes you on a night-time cycle from London to the Suffolk coast, another is the sounds of the cosmos revealed through the sonification of astronomical data. This series takes you all around the world through soundscapes.


The Sound of Anger

the sound of anger podcast

This series explores emotions and what it means to be angry. Historians, psychologists, and anthropologists help the host to navigate this complicated emotion.


We hope this list gives you some inspiration this Stress Awareness Month. Which one is your favourite?


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