Auddy Spotlight: Sal Miller

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This month we’re back with another Auddy Spotlight for you all. Introducing our Chief Marketing Officer, Sal Miller.



Tell us a bit about your role at Auddy, Sal.

As Chief Marketing Officer, I am responsible for all aspects of marketing across Auddy and our lines of business for both consumers and business audiences. This includes developing the brand strategy and building awareness for Auddy, plus delivering campaigns for our original podcasts and our client’s branded podcasts. My role is hugely varied and I lead the team to deliver PR, brand marketing,  growth marketing, website, paid media, social and trade marketing.

Can you share with us a highlight from your time at Auddy so far? 

My favourite project since joining Auddy has been launching Smoke Screen, which is an investigative journalism series and marks our first partnership with TBIJ. The quality of the show and the surrounding campaign were really strong – delivering a much more impactful and efficient campaign as a result. The teams at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and at Novel were brilliant to work with and I think we were all really proud of the end result.

Podcast recommendation?

I listen to a lot of podcasts (part of the job), but the three which always come back into my playlist are How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, Table Manners and Happy Place.


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