Auddy Spotlight: Tam McGregor

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We’re back with another Auddy Spotlight. This month, we’d love to introduce you to our Associate Producer, Tam McGregor…

Tell us a bit about your role at Auddy, Tam. 

At Auddy I work across the content teams and marketing team. Anything from consulting on and producing content, publishing shows and client management, to developing the company’s website, working on marketing plans or creating technology strategy for teams within the business.

What was it that attracted you to Auddy?

Working at Auddy means I can work with a driven and dedicated team focused on podcasts. It means I can bring my experience within the commercial audio industry and marketing to help shape strategy as the company grows. On a personal level, as a new father working with remote teams is extremely important at this essential time in my family’s development.

What is it that makes audio stand out over other mediums?

I honestly believe that audio is seeing a renaissance thanks to a number of factors. Having worked in commercial audio for over 15 years I have seen many changes to the industry, but what always shines through, what is always present over any technology development or global change, is audio content and its powerful and deeply personal relationship with the listener.

Podcast recommendation?

One staple for me is No Such Thing as a Fish – although it would now be considered a mainstream podcast it is always something entirely different each week and outside of my field of thinking.


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