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When you first get ready to publish your podcast, it’s natural to assume that it will be easy to find.  Unfortunately discoverability remains an issue in the podcasting space and therefore you need to push it out to every platform to ensure that it has every opportunity for success.

This document details all of the places that we suggest you start with to promote your podcast….it will take a bit of time to work through the list, but with careful preparation, it will be well worth your while.

Podcast platforms 

Firstly, make sure you CLAIM your podcast on all the main directories. This lets the platform know that you’re the owner of the podcast and opens you up to promotional opportunities (among other things). 

In order to claim your podcast, each platform works a little differently, but it’s a very simple process that usually involves clicking ‘claim your podcast’ on the main menu.

But if you’re stuck, here are some links:

Once you’ve claimed your podcast, here’s how you can get featured at the following places:

Get featured on Apple’s homepage

You can find all the details and apply to be featured here 

Read the requirements carefully as they’re very particular about image sizes, file types etc.


You can apply for a podcast promotion by filling in this form: 

Note that they ask you to apply 4-6 weeks in advance.


Castbox is tricky to get featured on, but if you think it’s worth doing you have to follow these steps:

  1.  Have a Castbox account (and claim your podcast on there)
  2. Mention Castbox in your twitter bio (either your pod’s twitter bio or on your personal twitter account). E.g. write Listen to –podcast’s name– here: –link to listen on castbox–
  3. Post about your podcast’s Castbox channel on Twitter and tag Castbox (@Castbox_fm)
  4. Include a Castbox Badge and Castbox embedded player on your podcast’s website
  5. Provide screenshots and/or links to all the above in this google form:
  6. You’ll then either be featured as a banner promotion or an editor’s pick


Spotify do accept promotional requests but only from their “U.S. podcasting community”. You can find more info here: 

Amazon Music 

You can reach out to Amazon re promotional requests at

You should give them at least 2 weeks notice and include the following details in your email: 

  • Publisher (or Podcast Network) name
  • Contact name
  • Series name
  • Series description
  • Promotion territory (Worldwide, US, UK, DE, JP)
  • Trailer release date
  • Episode release date (if you’re dropping a new season)
  • Release schedule (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Promotion date (you might not get this exact date though)
  • Social media accounts used to promote shows
  • Podcast creative files (i.e. layered PSD file) and host headshots if you have any

Pocket Casts

Send promo requests to:

Things to consider:

  • They mainly feature new and emerging podcasts, or podcasts beginning a new season, but no podcast is out of the question.
  • Podcasts must have at least 1-2 episodes (or one episode and a trailer) in the feed to be considered. Advanced notice of a new show is ideal, but they don’t pre-promote shows.
  • Submit your podcast with a Pocket Casts share link. If your podcast is not yet available on Pocket Casts, you can submit it here.

Remember, these platforms won’t feature your show out of the goodness of their own heart. They want to get something out of it too. Let them know why your show is so special – and how they will benefit from shouting about it. Make sure they know you’re a supporter of their platform (e.g. if you want Apple Podcasts to promote your show, they’re more likely to do this if they can see that you always use Apple Podcasts links when sharing new episodes on social media).

Top Tip

Top tip for podcast promotion
Top tip for podcast promotion

Podcast newsletters

There are plenty of podcast newsletters that you can try and get to promote your podcast. Here are a few to consider:


Daily podcast email newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers. Managed by James Cridland.

They won’t promote your show just for the sake of it, but if you have some big news, you stand a decent chance of being featured. They will also include you on their website. 


Earbuds Podcast collective

A weekly podcast newsletter. Each Sunday, a different person recommends 5 podcasts (they all have to fit a certain theme e.g. 5 dance podcasts). 


You can find past newsletters archived here: 

Submit your list if you’d like to be featured here:

You can also pay for an ad in Earbuds newsletter (and the prices aren’t too bad): 

Earbuds’ founder, Arielle Nissenblatt, is a HUGE podcast marketer. It’s worth following her on social media (especially Twitter @arithisandthat) because she’s always giving out great advice, hosting podcast events etc. She has an incredibly engaged following and if your podcast is featured in Earbuds, she will promote it on her social media too. 

She also manages a slack channel for Squadcast, which is a great place to network, share promo opportunities etc. 

You can join it here: 

Tink Media / Lauren Passell 

Tink Media is a podcast PR agency ran by Lauren Passell, who is also a big name in the podcasting space and worth networking with. 

They have a podcast promo swap list that is worth checking out here:

Lauren also publishes Podcast The Newsletter, which gives lots of shout outs to a range of podcasts. You can ask to be featured by contacting her at: 

Lauren’s advice for being selected for a feature: “Try to answer this question in your pitch–why should she listen to your show right now? And don’t be afraid to be creative!!”

Great British Podcasts

They send out a weekly newsletter to over 100,000 recipients. They feature around 20 podcasts in each newsletter. You can subscribe here: 

You can apply to be featured here 

Or if you have a upcoming podcast guest you would like to shout about, you can apply for a feature for that on this form


This is a monthly podcast newsletter highlighting shows/creators within the LGBT+ community. 

Subscribe here: 

If relevant to you or your show, you can contact Tal Minear (they/them) at 

Podcast Delivery

A weekly newsletter ran by Stephen Each Monday, the newsletter gives the spotlight to a particular podcast – they’ve promoted a huge range of shows, from true crime docs to dating shows. They also promote featured shows on their social media. 

Subscribe here: 

You can asked to be featured by heading here: 

The Squeeze

A weekly podcast newsletter featuring news, stories and recommendations by Skye Pillsbury. 

Subscribe here: 

To be featured, contact Skye at 

Skye’s advice for being featured: “Reach out to me with a thoughtful pitch that makes actual sense for The Squeeze (read my work first). I like to go behind-the-scenes of the podcasting industry, investigate industry issues, and talk to newsmakers in the business. I also interview podcast creators, but only if I think their show is super unique or if they have an unusual story behind how the show was made. Also, please keep it short.”

The Big Minute

A weekly newsletter where podcast producer Mark Steadman breaks down 60 seconds of a podcast episode. He focuses particularly on audio/sound design.

Subscribe here: 

To be featured, fill in this form: 

Podcasting Today

News website sharing podcast updates, stories etc.

You can submit a story here:


Podcast news website which has recently launched as an offshoot from Campaign in the UK – editor is Adam Shepard.

You can reach out to the team directly: Contact us (

Top tip: Don’t submit pitches to every single newsletter on this list – pick the most relevant ones. Most of the people on this list work closely together and are good friends in real life. If they find out you’ve just mass sent a load of copy-and-paste emails out, this will not work in your favour.

Also, try and make your emails personal and use people’s names (no dear sir/madam). 

Any podcast newsletters that you subscribe to, make sure you’re following them on social media as well. This way, you won’t miss any of their callouts. Here are some examples:

Sounds like 'this & that' tip
Find that Pod - tip

Important: subscribe to non-podcast-specific newsletters too. E.g. if you have a tennis podcast, subscribe to all the tennis newsletters out there and see what sort of promo opportunities they have.

Or if you’re a film podcast, get to know what film blogs, magazines, websites etc. are out there and let them know about any extra-special guests or stand-out podcast episodes they might be interested in.


Another key element of promoting your podcast, is getting it featured by journalists in both online and print publications. When submitting your shows to journalists, here are some things to consider:

  • Journalists are keen for podcast recommendations, stories etc. so don’t be afraid to send them their way
  • Some magazines/newspapers have a podcast journalist, but often not. Reach out to radio/TV/entertainment specialists if unsure
  • If you have any visuals (photos, video clips etc.) to give them then this will nearly always be beneficial
  • Supply them with key quotes – what parts of your podcast are they going to be most interested in, and what are the key sound bites from your episodes that relate to this?
  • Keep things short and concise – let them know in brief why your podcast is relevant/of interest to them
  • Always supply a link to listen 
  • Include a short bio about yourself 
  • You can even request a headline for their story – but don’t be surprised if it they ignore it
  • Include a press kit – this should include:
    • Podcast artwork (2MB)
    • Overall show press release
    • Facts and stats (don’t go overboard here though)
    • Any standout guests or best episodes
    • Social media handles 
  • Give them as much lead time as you can – if you’re releasing a new season, don’t tell them about it the day it drops! Let them know at least a couple of weeks in advance. But make sure they don’t spill their news story early – include big red bold highlighted letters at the top – STRICTLY EMBARGOED until time, time zone, date.
  • Consider basing your pitch around key calendar dates e.g. World Cup, Valentines Day, back to school 

If you’re struggling to find journalists to pitch to, look on Twitter. Look at mastheads in magazines. Get involved in your niche online and see where your community is getting their news stories from. 


Although not as simple as submitting an RSS feed, you should really consider including YouTube in your distribution plan.  But, if you are spending hours every week to add it to the site, then you need to work out whether it’s good use of your time.  Read our 4 mistakes to avoid on YouTube blog.

Also, YouTube now allow your show to be categorised as a podcast. This is a relatively new option but theoretically it should help people to find your show.


Getting your podcast discovered is tough….and it takes quite a bit of work to promote your podcast and give it the best chance you can.  Careful planning and reaching out to podcast newsletters and journalists will really help you to extend your reach.

If you are lucky enough to have a budget to support your podcast, or even have contacts which you can lean on, take a look at Top Tips for Launching your Podcast for some ideas of how you can set yourself up for success.

Other useful resources include:

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