The benefits of Internal Podcasts

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What is an internal podcast?

The most common use for businesses within the private podcast space is internal communications.  On its simplest level an internal podcast is a communications tool, improving the ability for a company to communicate with their team in an effective way.

As company workplaces have changed since the pandemic, one of the biggest struggles for businesses is understanding how to keep their employees connected and in the loop of what’s going on.  Constant meetings and zoom calls can be disruptive to people’s day and another email or instant message just gets lost amongst inboxes.

We deep-dive into this use case in the following section to bring to life the benefits of internal podcasts and to help you make them a successful addition to your existing strategies.

The benefits of internal podcasts

Most businesses offer some form of internal communication – whether emails, intranets, townhalls or webinars.  The challenge with these is that it’s hard to know whether they are working.

The average office worker receives about 121 emails per day and many company emails are never even opened. (A survey showed that 30% of employees ignored emails from their employer). If teams are opening an email, are they understanding the point or the tone of the communication.  Or are they just opening it to mark it as ‘read’.

In addition to giving you clarity of whether the content is being listened to, audio is also 500 – 700% more effective than text for people to retain information.


Allowing messages to:

  • Be more engaging than other media
  • Cut through the clutter of email, making it more likely that your audience will listen
  • Help beat screen fatigue
  • Be more convenient for employees
  • Accommodate diversity in learning methods
  • Build company culture
  • Encourage discussion and two-way conversations within your business
  • And, you can measure what’s working.


Specifically, you can use them to:

  • Encourage employees
  • Talk about your vision or goals
  • Set the company culture to boost morale and connect with your employees
  • Give important news updates to your staff in a succinct, digestible way
  • Give CEO updates or fireside chats
  • Manage change
  • Celebrate talent
  • Create training modules and opportunities with the benefit of
    enhanced analytics to track completion rates amongst users (eg. for compliance training)
  • Share industry updates to keep your team on top of competitors
  • And repurpose other content such as webinars and townhalls to deliver the message for different learning styles

This all comes down to one element of podcasting that emails and other impersonal methods of communication lack: a voice. You can set the tone in a podcast. You can share stories from across the business. You can show empathy, create humour and even build trust by creating an authentic and transparent dialogue with your employees.

And so, the question becomes: do you want to build a better communication with your workforce? Do you want to do this in a way that will improve your company’s culture, rather than fight against it? Do you want to do this in a meaningful way that your staff will want to engage with? If the answer is yes, it seems like an internal or private podcast is a promising route for you and your business to follow.

To set yourself up for success, take a look at our series of guides to help you plan an internal podcast:


Need help starting an internal podcast?

Like everything else at Auddy, we are pushing the boundaries of audio……

Helping companies communicate like never before in an age of constant distractions.

We make it easy for you to communicate with your teams through podcasts.

Transforming the way you:

  • Communicate with teams
  • Share success stories
  • Inspire and motivate colleagues wherever they are in the world

This is because…podcasts are uniquely capable of cutting through and bringing teams closer.

  • Beating screen fatigue
  • Building company culture
  • And helping employees feel more connected

By engaging in their own time, on their own terms.

Whether you are thinking about building an audio strategy from scratch, or you want to make an existing one work harder, our fresh approach to audio will ensure that the content you create will deliver.

You can get started with no upfront costs and simply pay for the users that you register.  Or, you can opt for a set monthly fee allowing you to manage your costs as you build your community.  With both solutions, Auddy offers onboarding on our secure partner platform, analytics, customer support and distribution of your show.

Just pick up a mic and off you go.

Add-ons such as marketing, production, editing and strategy can also help you deliver successful communications.

Or, you can opt for a fully bespoke package where we can help create your audio strategy and then manage everything for you.  It couldn’t be easier.

Speak to our team to work out the best solution for your business.

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