Marketing tips for internal podcasts

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Now that you have created your internal podcast, you need to think about how you are going to ensure that your team listen to it.

Encourage your team to listen, and engage, with your internal podcast

One of the biggest misconceptions amongst creating content is that people will naturally discover it and listen to it because you have asked them to.  This is very rarely the case and in the same way as any piece of communication, your internal podcast needs a marketing plan.  You need to plan how you are going to introduce the idea of the podcast….is it an announcement at a townhall or as part of one of your existing internal comms channels.  How are you going to create excitement about the series and get people to listen to it?  Do you have a way of showing your audience how simple it is to get the content, alert them when there are new episodes and understand the benefits of listening?

Tips to promote your podcast and make it accessible

  • Announce the launch of your internal podcast and give instructions for registering/logging in.
  • Share private podcasts via internal emails with a link to the podcast episode(s).
  • Create scannable QR codes to take employees right to the latest podcast episode.
  • If you have an office….put up signs with a QR code in common areas or where people enter or leave the building.
  • Enable push notifications on your employees’ mobile devices with clickable links
  • Is it possible to include the embeddable player on your intranet? Or to make custom playlists to share content?
  • Consider integrating your podcast into development plans. Encouraging listening can reinforce other growth opportunities and employee satisfaction.
  • Create ‘podcast champions’ – using internal team members to encourage their colleagues on a day-to-day basis.
  • Equally, use the podcast as an opportunity to share employee or client stories. They are much more likely to share an episode if they are featured on it!
  • Offer incentives based around listening. Even encouraging peoples’ competitive streak by awarding the team with the most listeners with some form of reward.
  • Consider using it to encourage your team to get some fresh air – such as taking a walk during their workday to listen to the content.
  • Encourage the use of interactive features like comments to create discussions about podcast topics to grow engagement.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative! You never know what might be the trigger that helps the team adopt it into their working day.

What if your internal podcasts aren’t achieving the results you’d hoped for?

If this is the case, it’s worth reflecting on your planning stage…..did you spend enough time identifying the right strategy for your internal communication plan?


  • How does the podcast make work-life easier for your employees? Or does it provide something else that is unique?
  • How concise and focused is the content delivery?
  • Are the podcasts being shared to the relevant people?
  • Are they easy to access with a smooth user experience?
  • How engaging is the content to listen to? How can you use storytelling or reconsider the format to make the content more engaging?
  • Consider getting feedback from employees. Ask what they need and how they would prefer the podcast content to be delivered.
  • Look at your listening data to analyse patterns and make adjustments. Perhaps listeners are skipping certain segments or dropping off at a certain time.
  • If certain topics are the most popular, maybe add more content which is similar and remove the sections which are ignored.

Think about your audience….are you pushing your message at them or giving them content that they find valuable or interesting?

To set yourself up for success, take a look at our series of guides to help you plan an internal podcast:


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