Podcast Tips From the Creators of Namaste Motherf**kers

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As the name suggests, Namaste Motherf**kers is a podcast like no other. Hosted by standup comedian Cally Beaton, this is a brilliantly bold, highly insightful listen.

We are very excited to welcome NMF to the Auddy network, and we’d love to introduce you to its creators. From the secret to comedy success to the art of being a good host, they let us in on all their podcasting tips and tricks. 

What you can expect: 

A perfect blend of comedy, work and wellbeing.

You’ll love this show if:

You’re fed up with overly serious self-help guides and you’re looking for something a little more wholesome – and funny. 

Notable guests:

Richard Osman, Rosie Jones, Ed Byrne and a whole lot more.


Meet the creators

The Auddy team had the pleasure of catching up with NMF’s host, Cally Beaton, and producer, Mike Hanson. We got the inside scoop on how this podcast came about, and learned what sets it apart from other self-help shows. Have a watch!



Have a listen to series 1 and 2 of Namaste Motherf**kers here. 

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