Podcasts on YouTube – 5 Channels to Check Out

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Auddy’s videographer Becky Dorgan shares with us 5 podcasts which are taking things to a new creative level on YouTube. If you need some inspiration for your podcast’s YouTube channel (or video content in general) then we suggest you dive into this list. Are you ready?


1. The Co-Optional Podcast

The Co-Optional Podcast is a very funny gaming show, and this channel takes the best bits from their episodes and turns them into animated videos which are stylised in a Microsoft paint cartoon format. The short, snappy clips allow the viewer to fully visualise the podcast hosts’ random, quirky conversations. It’s a great example of using video to really bring the content of your podcast to life. They are a great visual aid and allow your imagination to run wild.


2. Russell Brand

Russell Brand, the well known comedian/actor, has taken to posting YouTube videos where he dives deep into current affairs and happenings in politics, the media, economics, religion, and so on. These tidbit news videos act as a follow on from his podcast series and are a great watch. He has a way of breaking down serious topics into relatable, entertaining terms. In the clip above, he discusses the changes to M&M sweets, and does so in a refreshing, frank style. You really feel like he is having a candid chat with you, which is an effective way of building a relationship with your audience.


3. Jess Robinson – Stars in Your Ears

Jess is a highly entertaining comedian and the host of our very own Stars In Your Ears podcast. She gives us an insight into her world through personal vlogs, fun games, and by sharing behind-the-scenes footage on her YouTube channel. This allows you to really get to know her and to really see the brilliance of her celeb impressions. This is a great example of using YouTube as an opportunity to give your podcast fans a little extra, and allow them to get to know you and your show even better.


4. It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That was founded in 2007 with a mission to celebrate creativity. They shed light on graphic designers, photographers, artists and more, and even made their own podcast with our production team, in which they try to work out how to turn creativity into success. Their YouTube channel adds another layer to their brand, as it regularly features creative guests talking about their craft. They run a segment called Nicer Tuesdays where they feature interviews with talented individuals on various inspiring topics. They run these as a live panel and people watching are able to send in their questions for the interviewee. Having that element of interaction really adds value to the content, making it a more personal experience. These are well worth the watch if you want to learn something new.


5. H3

H3 is a podcast on YouTube which provides interesting hot takes on online culture and the ridiculousness of the internet. They provide social commentary on social media epic fails and offer their opinions on the latest celeb news. Their channel is very visual – they use props and low-fi background images to animate what they are saying. They really use their channel to the max with compilation videos, YouTube shorts (similar to Instagram reels, or TikTok videos), behind-the-scenes footage and more. H3 currently have 1.64 million YouTube subscribers, so they must be doing something right!


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