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What are internal podcasts?

Internal podcasts are a way of sharing audio content with a select group of people within an organization. Unlike public podcasts, which are available to anyone, internal podcasts are only accessible to individuals who have been given permission to listen. Internal podcasts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as employee training, internal communication, or exclusive content for members.

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How to create internal podcasts

Plan your episodes

You may have a lot of content to cover, great. But does this fit in one episode, should you episodes be longer than 30mins, will your listeners take all the information in one go?

Good planning not only of what is going to be in your podcast, but episode length and structure of each episode is key to engaging with your listeners and ultimately creating a useful internal podcast.

Record your audio content

Depending on how much budget and resource you are planning to commit to the podcast, there are a few things to keep in mind when recording your episodes:

  • Use recording proper equipment, premium microphone and a quiet low noise environment.
  • Script, or not if you are a seasoned host. Although having a noted structure helps to make your recording and editing more efficient.
  • Practice makes perfect, get used to the sound of your own voice. Are you waking too quickly, could you be clearer, can you project more?
  • Stay hydrated sustained talking will dry your mouth out any microphone will pick this up. An old VoiceOver trick is to eat a green apple before a recording to help reduce mouth noise.
  • Sit comfortably, if you are slouching or moving around this will come across in the audio.

Host your audio files on a podcast hosting platform that supports internal podcasts

Now that you have recorded, and edited, your episode, you need to publish it you’re your chosen platform. At Auddy, this process is quite simple but to do this, you need to have already thought about your description and key art…..otherwise it will hold up the process.

Invite your audience to subscribe to the internal podcast feed

Don’t forget to tell your staff about your podcast, educate them on how to and encourage them to listen.

Monitor and track listener engagement

Using Auddy’s private podcasting platform you can monitor and track listens and engagement to your internal podcast, including tracking individual users listens.

Read more in our internal podcasts white paper...

Read more in our internal podcasts white paper

Benefits of Internal Podcasts

More engaging that other media
Help beat screen fatigue
Build company culture
Flexibility to distribute content to a select group of people