Podcast Advertising

when people are listening

Audiences are more likely to think positively about a brand who is sponsoring a podcast series


Host-read ads drive a better brand recall rate which subsequently creates high levels of consumer interest, purchase intent and recommendation intent


Longer ads drive even higher lifts amongst consumers

Why podcast advertising?

Podcast Advertising is so attractive as it is an active choice media. In a world of streaming and choice media. When someone is listening to a podcast it is personal to them, they visualise stories in their mind, they trust their chosen presenter.

They choose to listen to and have a connection with their podcasts. Edison’s recent study into podcast Super Listeners found that 74% state that they have visited a company website following hearing an advertisement or sponsorship on a podcast that they regularly listen to.

Sponsoring a show
can help you to reach younger audiences

Podcasts reach audiences in an authentic way, ensuring that audiences engage with your brand more effectively than through pure advertising messages.

Some brands we work with

Some of our favourite host reads

Better Help – Joss Stone


Which advertising format for your brand?


A simple 30 sec media buy which is played across multiple podcasts. Supply your ads and let’s get started.

Branded content

Creation of bespoke content specific to your brand and objectives. Build an audience from scratch but very effective at driving awareness and consideration for your brand.

Branded episode

Perfect if one show captures the attention of your audience. Co-create an episode with the host which will automatically reach their entire audience.

Sponsor a show

The host of a show will talk about your product or service in the style that their audience is familiar with. Authentic brand association for an engaged audience.

Still not sure? 
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