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With engagement levels at 10x that of online video, private podcasts provide the opportunity for you to create longer form content for your communities, enabling a richer and more immersive experience.

You can set up channels, record your content and share it through a secure platform to your community.

And private doesn’t need to mean secret… it can be special, confidential or even exclusive content which only your community can hear.

Internal CommunicationsPodcasts are increasingly being used by businesses to reach their employees. These are delivered through a private podcast platform to enable personalised, and targeted, messages for teams. These can help employees beat screen fatigue, can accommodate diversity in learning methods and are a great solution to build company culture.
Revenue StreamsUsing a secure private podcast hosting platform gives you the option to take payments from your listeners to get premium content. Whether subscription based or pay per listen, podcasts can be used to drive revenue into your business.
Member CommunicationsReaching a select audience of customers, such as members, subscribers or charity donors, allows your business to tailor messaging or offer bespoke content which only they can access.
Investor UpdatesUsing podcasts can help solve many of your investor requirements:
- Use interviews and thought-pieces to take a closer look at the investors, the portfolio companies or employees.
- Review trends across different sectors, provided through interviews and expert analysis.
- Monthly / Quarterly updates to the investor community.

Adding Value

At Auddy, we believe that creating stories which people want to listen to will set you apart from other content.
We approach every Campfire private podcasting project from a fresh perspective to make sure it works for you.

How Campfire works

We work with you to develop your podcast strategy and create the various show formats depending on objectives and target audience.

The shows are uploaded to a secure, cloud-based private podcast hosting platform from which they are delivered to an embedded player (e.g. within a client site or intranet) or to a dedicated mobile app on the end user’s device.

The platform is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, providing enterprise-level security for client data.

Private Podcast Packages & Pricing

Standard$0 Pay per userEverything you need to get started with your internal podcasts. No minimum fee, no setup costs. Just grab a mic and off you go.
Secure podcast hosting and distribution
Customer support
just $1.25 per monthly user
Additional ServicesStrategy
Ultimate$POA /monthOur team can create the perfect package to meet your objectives. Whether you want to create multiple channels for different communities, drive revenue or deliver best in class production, we can make the creation of an internal or private podcast seamless and stress-free.
Bespoke packageSpeak to our dedicated team today
Secure platformPassword protections, easy deactivation, single sign-on, and email verification.
Listener toolsNotifications seamless commenting & response responsive customer service.
AnalyticsData on listenership, completion rates, and commenting.

Why do private podcasts work?

A large community of Financial Advisors – each member hungry for wisdom and data that will help to deliver success.

Sharing information shouldn’t be boring. The more engaging and exciting you make your stories, the more people will want to listen to them.

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