Spill Podcast

About the show

Hello and welcome to Spill.

A podcast from childhood best friends: beauty advocate and content creator Sasha Pallari, and writer Billie Bhatia.

27 years in the making; Spill was born out of candid conversations about how we were *really* feeling navigating relationships, careers, sex, friendships, and self-worth. All during “the messy years” – that time in your twenties and thirties where you are supposed to have it all figured out, but you really don’t.

Friends since school, nothing is off the table when it comes to our conversations. We love each-other endlessly but we’re not afraid to call the other out when she’s being a brat. Each week we’ll be tackling the mess in our lives from divorce in your thirties, grappling with societal pressures, confronting body image, and never ending “your mum” jokes.

Welcome to the chaos!

Spill is produced by The Tape Agency

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