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About the show

Charlie Brooks is a multitude of things; actor, reality queen and soon to be entrepreneur. Yes, our thespian is turning her hands to more enterprising pursuits. She’s designed a vibrator, but not just any old sex toy. This is ground-breaking stuff.

In this unfolding documentary podcast series, we follow Charlie as she brings a product of her own design to market. But with no business experience and plenty of self doubt, this isn’t going to be an easy ride. Speaking to experts, educators and entrepreneurs along the way, Charlie is breaking down stigma around female pleasure and doing a service to all womankind as she goes.


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Host: Charlie Brooks
Insta: charlie_brooks_xx

An Auddy Production
Series Producer: Holly Aquilina
Producer and Sound Designer: Ivor Manley
Executive Producer:  Ellie di Martino
Twitter: @auddyshows