Ki & Dee: The Podcast

About the show

What started out as a living room lockdown bit of fun has quite frankly gotten out of hand. Ki & Dee are best friends and housemates whose industry came to a stand still during the pandemic. What got them through was turning their (sexual) frustration into song. Still in the comfort of their living room and mismatched PJ’s, Ki & Dee are airing their dirty laundry in podcast format. Part stand up comedy, part mental breakdown, Ki & Dee: The Podcast will be anything but boring. Contact us at Strictly Love Letters Only. Listen by clicking ‘Play’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever it is you’re listening now. Make sure to Subscribe or Follow, Rate and Review to help others find the podcast and don’t forget to check out Ki & Dee on Instagram here ( . Artwork courtesy of @ediedamame ( Ki & Dee: The Podcast, this has been an Insanity Studios production.

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