Soho House presents Good Is The New Cool

About the show

Soho House is a group of private members’ clubs for people in the creative, arts and media industries. Good Is The New Cool is a movement for leaders in business and culture who want to use their forces for good. Together, they have collaborated on creating a series of podcasts that live at the intersection of cultural and social innovation. Hosted by Soho House members Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones, the Good Is The New Cool podcast series brings us an extraordinary lineup of luminaries from the worlds of fashion, film, art, music and activism, who all believe in using business and culture as forces for good. In each episode, we learn how bold creative actions can lead to real social change through interviews with the trailblazers who are doing it every day. We delve into their unique stories and the one thing they all have in common – the desire and the courage to transform our world for the better.

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