The Wire Stripped

About the show 

Wow! The Wire at 20!?… …20 years ago, HBO released a show that nobody was talking about. But then, slowly, everyone started to realise that The Wire might just be the greatest show of all time. We’re Dave and Kobi and we’re going back to the Baltimore pits to rewatch EVERY EPISODE in our podcast – The Wire: Stripped. We’ll break down the lingo – like re-ups, burners and wiretaps.We’ll analyse key scenes too. We talk to the creator David Simon, key cast members, including Frankie Faison, better known as Deputy Commissioner Burrell, Lance Reddick who played Lieutenant Daniels, And of course, the one, the only… the Bunk. Wendell Pierce. Also, listen out for celebrity guests and superfans. So if you’re watching for the first time or the ninth time, join us as we revisit one of the greatest shows ever made. Here is a shortlist of who we have lined up for Season 4: David Simon – Creator of The Wire Maestro Harrell – Randy Wagstaff Julito McCullum – Namond Jermaine Crawford – Dukie Tristan Mack Wilds – Michael Nathan Corbett – Donut Delaney Williams – Landsman Anwan Glover – Slim Charles Chad Coleman – Cutty Panama (Armando Cadogan Jnr)- Bubbles Tormentor Brandy Burre – Theresa D’Agostino Sandi McCree – De’Londa Brice Paul L Nolan – Hardware Store Employee  Trey Chaney – Poot Alexa Fogel – Casting Director Joilet Harris – Caroline Massey. Aiden Gillen – Carcetti Thuliso Dingwall – Kenard  Wendell Pierce – Bunk Clarke Peters – Freeman Ernest Dickerson – Director Dominic Lombardozzi – Herc Get Subscribing now! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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