Who is the Cheese Wire Killer?

About the show

September, 1983. Aberdeen Taxi Driver, George Murdoch was almost halfway through his long taxi shift, when he picked up a passenger, close to the city centre. On route to his passenger’s destination, for some unknown reason, George turned his taxi into a dimly lit side street, when his passenger wrapped a cheese wire around his neck.  George somehow managed to escape from the taxi, but his assailant quickly caught him, and then strangled him, until his body became motionless. Then, the killer just disappeared into the night, leaving George to die, alone at the side of the street. Four decades later, this murder remains unsolved, but the police continue to investigate this cold case, with several promising leads. Across five episodes, in this True Crime podcast, we speak to Georges family and friends and criminal psychology experts.  We also speak to the Senior Investigating Officer, and the Forensic Scientists at the very centre of this investigation, as we ask, “Who is the Cheese Wire Killer?”

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