America: A History Podcast

America: A History Podcast

About the show

From George Washington to George Floyd, and from the Declaration of Independence to Donald Trump: this is America: A History Podcast, where we explore the people, places and events that make the US what it is today.

Each week, host Liam is joined by an expert from the University of East Anglia and a special guest to answer a different question from ‘how are Presidents elected’ to ‘why are guns still legal’ or ‘how accurate is Forrest Gump’?

We are having important conversations with the biggest experts including political journalist Jon Sopel, Native American academic Stephanie Pratt and renowned author and journalist Gary Younge. No issue is off the agenda as we explore gun violence, slavery, the constitution, Hollywood, Presidents, presidential candidates, LGBTQIA+ culture, religion, football (not soccer) and more.

This is US history without the fake news, as we have honest and sometimes sensitive conversations about the things that really matter to understand how the alleged greatest country in the world came to be.

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