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The theft of the World Cup trophy in 1966 was one of the most audacious heists ever committed.

The trophy depicted Nike, the Greek goddess of victory and in 1966 the England manager had promised that his team would win.

It embodied the pride, hopes and dreams of a nation and was stolen just a few months before Queen Elizabeth II was due to present it to the winners at Wembley. The whole world was watching.

Tom Pettifor is the Crime Editor at the Daily Mirror in London. His new investigation reveals a far darker and deeper story than the official version.

The identity of the thief has never been uncovered and all most people remember is that a dog named Pickles found the trophy under a bush.

In 2017, a throw away comment by an underworld source of Tom’s revealed new information behind that notorious theft over 50 years ago.

This is that story. This is the untold story of the 1966 World Cup heist.

The Jules Rimet trophy being locked in a safe, 28 March 1966. Image: Manchester Daily Express / Contributor via Getty images


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