Feeling Yourself with Natalie Lee

About the show

In this honest and revealing podcast, Natalie Lee speaks to guests to dig deep into their own relationships with sex to expose the shame that many of us feel.  This summer Natalie releases her debut book Feeling Myself which takes us through her journey, from traumatic beginnings to marriage, motherhood and eventually experiencing sexual freedom after divorce as she turned 40. Feeling Yourself is a continuation of this conversation and the story of learning to be your true self in a society that doesn’t prioritise your pleasure. It is a podcast for every woman to feel empowered by and to learn the tools to experience their own emancipation too. “Trauma, porn, masturbation, sexuality, sex after motherhood, sex when you feel sh*t about your body, sex after separation… these are all topics around which we skirt delicately, as if they’re bombs which will explode if we prod them too curiously. In this way, sex is intimately connected with shame. Like most of us, shame has followed me around for most of my life. I felt shame for the colour of my skin, shame for being female, and shame for wanting more, but I also felt shame around the subject of masturbation. Even as an adult, I carried an intense feeling that masturbation was somehow dirty. I look back on this now and realise how warped our approach to sex is and how the shame that surrounds these conversations holds women back.”

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