Sort Your Sh*t Out

About the show

This is a podcast for anyone who fancies having a bit more balance in their lives – whether that means managing time, tiredness, guilt, or just getting through the days. It’s about working out what works for you, and when to let shit go.  The first series focuses on balancing the booze. Comedian Ellie Gibson is joined by coach and trainer Stephanie Chivers along with a host of experts, authors, and fellow p*ssheads. We’ll discuss practical tips for cutting down – or even cutting out – alcohol, and how to just enjoy a drink without getting carried away. Many thanks to Remedy Kombucha for supporting this podcast – they make cans of delicious, live-cultured fizzy pop, packed with antioxidants and free from sugar and sweeteners. For more info, go to Cheers!   Please feel free to subscribe, and follow us on social media – @sysopodcast on Instagram, and @sysopod on Twitter and Facebook.  Sort Your Sh*t Out is produced by Laura Grimshaw, and the music is by John Thorn.

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