A Podcaster’s Guide to Social Media Webinar

28th September  – 12:00 BST

Hosted by: Meera Kumar


A Podcaster’s Guide to Social Media

In this webinar we learn how podcasters can make the most of social media. How do you create a strong social media strategy for your podcast? What do you do if your efforts on social media aren’t translating into a boost in podcast downloads? Which social platforms offer the best return? We cover all these topics, plus an awful lot more.

Hosted by Meera Kumar, Auddy’s Content Development Executive.

About the guests:

Misael Trujillo is Auddy’s Senior Marketing Manager. He’s been in front of the mic as the host of Promote The Hell Out Of It! and has over 12 years experience working within digital marketing.

Susie Brown is Auddy’s Head of Insight – your go-to person for data, research and trends surrounding podcasting and social media. Susie has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and data analytics, having spent 14 years managing digital insights for brands including British Vogue, British GQ, and Wired UK at Conde Nast Britain.

Sophie Paluch is Auddy’s Acquisitions and Partner Manager. She brings shows over to the Auddy network and helps them to grow.


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